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Internal Medicine News & Notes

VCU Internal Medicine Training Program

Tips - To Make Life Easier

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Current Chief Resident Roles:

  • MCV Chief: Chris Achilli
  • Teaching Chief: Raquel Appa Falcao
  • VA Chief:  Grant Farr
  • Ambulatory Chief: Krista Edelman
  • QI Chief: Ryan Vega
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Conference Schedule

7:30 AM
Morning Report
(Journal Club)
Morning Report

Morning Report

8:00 AM  
Grand Rounds
11:00 AM
Morning Report
Morning Report
(Journal Club) 
Morning Report
Morning Report
12:00 PM
Intern Report
Intern Report
Grand Rounds
3:00 PM  
Tuesday Core
4:00 PM  
Tuesday Core
5:00 PM  
Tuesday Core


  • VA Ambulatory Morning Report (7:30-8:15)
    • Mondays: 2L-195 (telecast from MCV) 
    • Wednesday & Thursdays:  2L-195
  • MCV Ambulatory Morning Report (7:30-8:15)
    • Mondays: Ambulatory Journal Club - Sanger 6-032 
    • Wednesday & Thursdays: 2nd floor ACC resident clinic room
  • VA Inpatient Morning Report is held 2L-195 (11:00-12:00)
  • MCV Inpatient Morning Report is held in N9 (11:00-12:00)
  • MCV Interns Conference
    • Mondays West 6 Conference Room (12:00-1:00)
  • VA Interns Conference
    • Wednesdays: 2L-195 (12:00-1:00) 
  • Tuesday Core Conferences
    • See New Innovations (moving from Sanger to N9 in near future); telecast to VA 2L-195

Conference Attendance Requirements

  • Housestaff are expected to attend 100% of conferences for which they are available. Absences will be excused for vacation, night float duty, days off, personal or family illness or emergency, needing to provide care to one patient who requires your personal attention and other rare exceptions. Residents can determine which conferences they are expected to attend by referencing this document:  Conference Attendance Requirements by Rotation (updated July 2014)
  • In order to be excused from a conference at which attendance is expected, you must submit a request via the online form here: https://redcap.vcu.edu/rc/surveys/?s=wiFJx2. Please follow the instructions carefully and submit your excuse request within 24 hours of a missed conference.

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Virtual Pagers


  • MCV Day Chief (7am-7pm) 1719
  • VA Day Chief (7am-7pm) 1726
  • Chief On Call Pager (Covered 24hours, 7days/wk) 1709

Inpatient Team Residents

  • MCV: 9124, 9125, 9135, 9145, 9185
  • VA: 9183, 9184, 9186, 9187

In House Intensivist

  • Pager: 9000

Night Float Days Off:

  • Night Float Coverage (pdf)
  • MCV Residents start rotation on Saturday night and MCV Intern starts rotation on Tuesday bight
  • MCV Resident 1, covering teams Heme/Onc, 1,2: Off Tuesday night and Wednesday night
  • MCV Resident 2, covering GI, Team 3,4, 5: Off Tuesday night and Wednesday night
  • MCV intern 1: covering teams 1-2: Off Sunday night and Monday night
  • MCV intern 2: Covering teams 3-4: Off Sunday night and Monday night
  • MCV Intern 3: Covering GI/team 5: Off Sunday night and Monday night
  • MCV Intern 4: Covering Heme/Onc: Off Sunday night and Monday night
  • VA general wards Intern 1, 2 and VA Resident: Covering teams 1-4
  • VA night float: Resident off Tue, Wednesday; Interns off Sunday, Monday
    VA acute care: Covering acute care, Off Friday night and Saturday night

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Social Happenings

If interested in joining, please contact Leah Couture

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Resident Steering Committee

The Resident Steering Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss important issues affecting the housestaff.  These guys are your representatives in the program.  Please contact them if you have an issue that you would like the committee to discuss. Also, everyone is welcome to attend Steering Committee meetings.

Steering Committee Members

Interns: PGY2s: PGY3s: EM-IM Med-Peds:
Monika Kumar
Arehzo Jahangiri
David Chuquin
Michael L'Heureux
Jes Hupe
Alexis Taylor
David Jessee
Liz Sonntag
Josna Harithra
Nate Warner
Pete Meliagros
Becky Miller
Casey Wehunt
Ankit Patel

Zach Hoffman Christen Vagts

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