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Internal Medicine Curriculum

VCU Internal Medicine Training Program
Users' Guides to the Medical Literature

This page provides links to the original articles from JAMA's User's Guide to the Medical Literature. To access the extended, updated version of the articles, please access the User's Guide online through the JAMA website or VCU Libraries.

Click on the highlighted words in the titles to display the full text article
through the JAMA website or Centre for Health Evidence

Introductory Materials

  • Guyatt GH. Haynes RB. Jaeschke RZ. Cook DJ. Green L. Naylor CD. Wilson MC. Richardson WS. Users' Guides to the Medical Literature: XXV. Evidence-based Medicine: Principles for Applying the Users' Guides to Patient Care. Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group. JAMA. 284(10):1290-6, September 13, 2000.
  • Oxman, Andrew D. Sackett, David L. Guyatt, Gordon H.. Users' Guides to the Medical Literature: I. How to Get Started. JAMA. 270(17):2093-2095, November 3, 1993.
  • Guyatt, Gordon H. Rennie, Drummond. Users' Guides to the Medical Literature. [Editorial] JAMA. 270(17):2096-2097, November 3, 1993.

Qualitative Research


  • Oxman, Andrew D. MD, MSc. Cook, Deborah J. MD, MSc. Guyatt, Gordon H. MD, MSc. User's Guides to the Medical Literature: VI. How to Use an Overview. JAMA. 272(17):1367-1371, November 2, 1994.

Clinical Decision Rules, Practice Guidelines, Recommendations

Clinical Trials

Therapy, Prevention, and Harm

Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis, and Outcomes/Prognosis

Economic Analysis, Cost-Benefit, Electronic Medical Records

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